Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We have had a great Halloween weekend.
Friday night we went down to Lagoon for Frightmares. Zariph wanted to go out and do something "Halloween-y", because we hadn't done anything on the "scary" side of Halloween, yet. So, I looked for some discounts and found some tickets on KSL for pretty cheap. She was selling a set of four so we invited Teliece to come with us. It was cold, but fun.

He didn't cry at all on the rides this time!
Saturday we went over to my mom's house in the early evening. We had chili and hung out.
Boston's trying to steal some candy. BTW, I taught him the sign for candy in preperation for this holiday. He picked it up within one day and loves to make the sign whenever I say candy.
Glenda and Dorothy
Then we went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Boston loved picking out his candy from neighbors selection and putting it in his Spiderman bowl. He got the hang of that pretty fast!

He was excited. I think he knows what this was all about, at least better than last year.


Rachael said...

How fun, Boston looks adorable.

No huge TinkerBell this year??? :( ;)

Mindy said...

How fun!! We missed Frightmares this year.. but I didn't miss the cold. ;) Boston's costume is cute! Love those warm ones..

The Hoveys said...

I love the picture of Boston pointing on Zariph's shoulders! Cute!