Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekend in Grand Junction

We went down to Grand Junction, Colorado, over the weekend to visit Misty and her family. We're not going to be able to see her on Thanksgiving (it's probably been five or six years we've been together every Thanksgiving) because Zariph and I both have to work the day after Thanksgiving. So we took our trip this last weekend. We left early Friday morning (5 a.m.) and made it down there a little after 10. We went out for lunch and hung out. Saphire had a cheerleading competition that night.

Destiny and Boston

A couple of goofballs

Miranda and her boyfriend, Neals

Saphire is helping hold up the really blonde girl

After the competition...We sat there for too many hours! Those bleachers were not very comfortable.
Misty bought her flowers and a cheerleading teddy bear. It was a little emotional because their team didn't win any trophies. I know she worked really hard and has gained a lot of confidence and broken out of her shell a bit.
Misty bought a deep fryer. Zariph showed them how to fry the turkey, since he's had some experience with that. Here's Roy carving the turkey.
Miranda and Neals
Me and Boston - he loves to chew on ice, just like me.
Playing Phase 10 - This was Boston's card.
Playing Texas Hold 'Em. The last hand we all put it all in and Misty won the pot.
Sunday afternoon, we went for a walk by the river. It was a pretty walk, but VERY COLD!

Here are a couple videos of Zariph and the girls playing in the pool...

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Rachael said...

That looks totally fun. Love the cute sweeter and jacket. I've seen that jacket somewhere before... ;)

Does Zariph know how to fry a ham? I love the video with your new camera, it's really good.

I also love how Boston is a Mama's Boy! Ice chewer... He's been hanging around his mommy way... to much. ;)