Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Great Weekend

I guess our weekend kind of started on Thursday night. My mom watched Boston while Zariph and I went to the temple. It was great going back, it had been too long. Then we went for dinner to Santa Monica pizza and shared a calzone. It was very good!

Friday...Well, let me start with last Friday, Zariph asked if we had plans yet for this weekend. I said we didn't. He said for me to line up a babysitter and he was planning a date. It was determined that it would be a late date, so we decided to invite Teliece to come watch Boston for us and spend the night. I was glad she was able to, so that Boston could still go to bed at his normal time in his own bed. So, then this last Friday we started our date with dinner at PF Changs.

So yummy! I love their crisp honey shrimp. Then we walked from there to our next event - which I still didn't know what it was. Everywhere we were walking by I was like, "Is it at the Energy Solutions Arena?" "Is it at the Planetarium?" I really didn't know what we were doing, until we walked past the Gateway and I saw The Depot and on their sign outside it said They Might Be Giants was playing there that night. What a great surprise! It was a fun night. They played their entire Flood CD, with a few new songs mixed in here and there. Hearing those songs reminded me of when I was first dating Zariph back in high school. It was a nice little reminiscing date. Zariph planned a great surprise!

Here is our lovely view from the second floor. The little balcony in front of us was reserved seating, so most of the night we watched the drummer or the big screen overhead that was filming the whole stage.
Here is a little video clip for you to enjoy.

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Rachael said...

I'm so glad you two are getting out and having such a good time. You two deserve it and need it. That had to be such a fun concert. That's neat that Teliece could spend the night, so you don't have to worry (you worry wort :)).

I told Jesse he was like: "I didn't know they were in Utah!"(in kinda an envious tone) Jesse loves them.

The dessert looked goooooooood!