Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and Weekend Stuff

For Thanksgiving, we went up to my mom's house. Lindsay set the table, everything looked "fancy". Mike deep fried the turkey. It was a great dinner. We played farkle, and my mom won! This is my grandma, who is now living in my mom's basement. Notice Boston sneaking up to the counter in the background. He found out how to climb up this little stool and reach whatever he wanted on the counter, including chocolates and left out pop.My mom and step-dad, Mike

My neice, Mikyla

The whole fancy table. Apparently, not everyone noticed we were taking a picture. Then Black Friday, Zariph and I went out shopping in the early hours. I was at WalMart about 10 minutes before 5 a.m. when all their doorbuster crates were opened up. We got the two big items we went for and then some other stuff, too. It actually wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. Except I had to park at Sam's Club and then walk over to WalMart. We also went to Sam's Club and I went to ShopKo while Zariph went to work. Then Boston and I came home and slept. I put up the tree Friday, but we didn't start decorating it until Saturday.

Doesn't he look like a good little helper?

This face looks a little mischievous.

He loved picking up the ornaments and putting them back in the container. He was totally excited about putting up the decorations. He kept saying "ball" and throwing the ornaments on the floor hoping they would bounce. They are shatterproof, but I wasn't sure how much they could actually take from him. So far, he hasn't broken any.
Saturday night, we drove down to Draper to the new In n Out. I think we'll be making that drive more now, those are the best burgers ever! Then we stopped by Temple Square on the way home. It was so lovely walking around, looking at the lights. Boston loved it, he was so excited about the lights. Even from the car he was squealing.

There was a little nativity in the middle of the reflecting pond. So peaceful. At the big nativity by the Christus, when we first stopped, Boston thought the lambs and people were real. He made the sound like he does when there's an animal around him (it's kind of a grunt squeal, it's hard to explain) and he waved to the statue people. It was funny.

On our way walking back to the car, we decided to stop by The Lion House. We'd never eaten there before, so we checked it out. It was so yummy! Zariph and I both got the chicken noodle soup and all three of us had a roll. Mmmmmm...

Zariph let Boston finish off his raspberry lime drink. This was Boston's first taste of carbonation.
He wouldn't let us put the bottle down, he loved it!


Rachael said...

You got up at 5 to do this post! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Where was Julie though? Jesse and I haven't taken the kids to see the lights ever. Maybe I should let him do that, while I stay in the car (I hate the cold). Your hair looked so cute.

Zariph and Lisa said...

It was actually 6:50 when I posted, my clock is an hour off. Julie went to the in-laws, but we had "pie night" on Wednesday night, and Julie, Jake, Cameron and Emily were there.

Mindy said...

I love that I am not the only one who thinks that way when it comes to those shatterproof ornaments.. Love the pictures from temple square, I am even more excited to go!

Mikyla is... AMAZING! said...

I am pretty sure that we were the only ones looking.. haha. and I am also sure that Zariph told us when he was taking it.. haha Speaking of Zariph, I saw him today driving like a mad man! Well not really..