Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's in California

This last weekend, we had an opportunity to get away to California for a few days, over New Year's weekend. We woke up super early Thursday, and got to Universal Studios by about 5:00 p.m. We spent that evening in the park, and hung out at Universal's CityWalk as long as we could Thursday night, for New Year's Eve.

Yummy! There was this excellent crepe place, it was so good!

Boston just couldn't hold in the excitement! (That's actually what I felt like doing, too.)
Then Friday, we went back to Universal.
Who looks more evil in this picture?

Looking out at the view. The weather was absolutely perfect!
Boston LOVES dogs!
Then Saturday, we walked around Hollywood, by the Chinese Theater and looked at the stars. Then we hit an outlet. (what's vacation without a little shopping?)

Saturday night, we went to Downtown Disney. This was in the Lego Store, while killing time, waiting for our table at Rainforest Cafe.
And here's my dad and Carol, we went to dinner together.
Our table was great, right by the big fish tank. Boston was still a little nervous of the gorilla, but he loved looking at the fish.
In-n-Out in Vegas on the drive home (yep, we did that all in one day, too).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese, Skiing, and Tepenyaki

So, Saturday (the day after Christmas), I went with Misty, Zariph's parents, Boston, and the girls to Chuck E. Cheese. Boston had a blast. He went up to everyone (even strangers) and started talking jibberish and pointing at like the games and stuff.

I love this little drawing thing. This was actually the first take out of three.

Zariph and Roy went skiing at The Canyons. And then we met up for dinner at Tepenyaki. Yum, yum.


Christmas Eve, Zariph gave me this lovely old smelly, corroded bathroom faucet. (Which meant he replaced it with a nice one!)
Christmas morning, Santa left this fun track and car set for Boston. He loved it so much, he just wanted to play with it all day.
Presents from Boston's birth grandma. He knew exactly what the pez were, that's what "candy" was when we taught him the sign language for it.
We had breakfast and opened presents at my mom's house.
Grandma Hanson
Hannah and Jac helping Grandpa Mike open his presents.
Lindsay, Eliza, and Jake

Zariph's fun new toy. He only crashed it a few times.
That evening we went to Zariph's parents house for presents, food, and singing. Boston loves this four wheeler! He's so excited that he can actually make it go.
Zariph's family got him a turkey fryer. What a great idea, he loved it.
After the family party, we all went up to the Christmas Village in Ogden. We bundled up so much, and it was still so cold, we just hurried through it.