Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and Weekend Stuff

For Thanksgiving, we went up to my mom's house. Lindsay set the table, everything looked "fancy". Mike deep fried the turkey. It was a great dinner. We played farkle, and my mom won! This is my grandma, who is now living in my mom's basement. Notice Boston sneaking up to the counter in the background. He found out how to climb up this little stool and reach whatever he wanted on the counter, including chocolates and left out pop.My mom and step-dad, Mike

My neice, Mikyla

The whole fancy table. Apparently, not everyone noticed we were taking a picture. Then Black Friday, Zariph and I went out shopping in the early hours. I was at WalMart about 10 minutes before 5 a.m. when all their doorbuster crates were opened up. We got the two big items we went for and then some other stuff, too. It actually wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. Except I had to park at Sam's Club and then walk over to WalMart. We also went to Sam's Club and I went to ShopKo while Zariph went to work. Then Boston and I came home and slept. I put up the tree Friday, but we didn't start decorating it until Saturday.

Doesn't he look like a good little helper?

This face looks a little mischievous.

He loved picking up the ornaments and putting them back in the container. He was totally excited about putting up the decorations. He kept saying "ball" and throwing the ornaments on the floor hoping they would bounce. They are shatterproof, but I wasn't sure how much they could actually take from him. So far, he hasn't broken any.
Saturday night, we drove down to Draper to the new In n Out. I think we'll be making that drive more now, those are the best burgers ever! Then we stopped by Temple Square on the way home. It was so lovely walking around, looking at the lights. Boston loved it, he was so excited about the lights. Even from the car he was squealing.

There was a little nativity in the middle of the reflecting pond. So peaceful. At the big nativity by the Christus, when we first stopped, Boston thought the lambs and people were real. He made the sound like he does when there's an animal around him (it's kind of a grunt squeal, it's hard to explain) and he waved to the statue people. It was funny.

On our way walking back to the car, we decided to stop by The Lion House. We'd never eaten there before, so we checked it out. It was so yummy! Zariph and I both got the chicken noodle soup and all three of us had a roll. Mmmmmm...

Zariph let Boston finish off his raspberry lime drink. This was Boston's first taste of carbonation.
He wouldn't let us put the bottle down, he loved it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekend in Grand Junction

We went down to Grand Junction, Colorado, over the weekend to visit Misty and her family. We're not going to be able to see her on Thanksgiving (it's probably been five or six years we've been together every Thanksgiving) because Zariph and I both have to work the day after Thanksgiving. So we took our trip this last weekend. We left early Friday morning (5 a.m.) and made it down there a little after 10. We went out for lunch and hung out. Saphire had a cheerleading competition that night.

Destiny and Boston

A couple of goofballs

Miranda and her boyfriend, Neals

Saphire is helping hold up the really blonde girl

After the competition...We sat there for too many hours! Those bleachers were not very comfortable.
Misty bought her flowers and a cheerleading teddy bear. It was a little emotional because their team didn't win any trophies. I know she worked really hard and has gained a lot of confidence and broken out of her shell a bit.
Misty bought a deep fryer. Zariph showed them how to fry the turkey, since he's had some experience with that. Here's Roy carving the turkey.
Miranda and Neals
Me and Boston - he loves to chew on ice, just like me.
Playing Phase 10 - This was Boston's card.
Playing Texas Hold 'Em. The last hand we all put it all in and Misty won the pot.
Sunday afternoon, we went for a walk by the river. It was a pretty walk, but VERY COLD!

Here are a couple videos of Zariph and the girls playing in the pool...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Great Weekend

I guess our weekend kind of started on Thursday night. My mom watched Boston while Zariph and I went to the temple. It was great going back, it had been too long. Then we went for dinner to Santa Monica pizza and shared a calzone. It was very good!

Friday...Well, let me start with last Friday, Zariph asked if we had plans yet for this weekend. I said we didn't. He said for me to line up a babysitter and he was planning a date. It was determined that it would be a late date, so we decided to invite Teliece to come watch Boston for us and spend the night. I was glad she was able to, so that Boston could still go to bed at his normal time in his own bed. So, then this last Friday we started our date with dinner at PF Changs.

So yummy! I love their crisp honey shrimp. Then we walked from there to our next event - which I still didn't know what it was. Everywhere we were walking by I was like, "Is it at the Energy Solutions Arena?" "Is it at the Planetarium?" I really didn't know what we were doing, until we walked past the Gateway and I saw The Depot and on their sign outside it said They Might Be Giants was playing there that night. What a great surprise! It was a fun night. They played their entire Flood CD, with a few new songs mixed in here and there. Hearing those songs reminded me of when I was first dating Zariph back in high school. It was a nice little reminiscing date. Zariph planned a great surprise!

Here is our lovely view from the second floor. The little balcony in front of us was reserved seating, so most of the night we watched the drummer or the big screen overhead that was filming the whole stage.
Here is a little video clip for you to enjoy.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We have had a great Halloween weekend.
Friday night we went down to Lagoon for Frightmares. Zariph wanted to go out and do something "Halloween-y", because we hadn't done anything on the "scary" side of Halloween, yet. So, I looked for some discounts and found some tickets on KSL for pretty cheap. She was selling a set of four so we invited Teliece to come with us. It was cold, but fun.

He didn't cry at all on the rides this time!
Saturday we went over to my mom's house in the early evening. We had chili and hung out.
Boston's trying to steal some candy. BTW, I taught him the sign for candy in preperation for this holiday. He picked it up within one day and loves to make the sign whenever I say candy.
Glenda and Dorothy
Then we went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Boston loved picking out his candy from neighbors selection and putting it in his Spiderman bowl. He got the hang of that pretty fast!

He was excited. I think he knows what this was all about, at least better than last year.