Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Ten Best Things About Las Vegas

10. The Venetian

9. Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

8. Palm trees

7. M & M World

6. In-N-Out

5. Fremont Street

4. Carnival World Buffet at The Rio

3. Outlet Shopping

2. The Fountains at Bellagio

1. 60 and 70 degree weather in January

This was kind of a spur of the moment trip...We stayed for free at a condo, at a request that I put in a year ago and didn't hear anything back about until last week. So we decided to go for it. The weather was wonderful when we got there, but got pretty cold (like 40's and 50's) on Monday. We also went to the condo presentation and got $125 (that doesn't make the top 10). But that gave us money to spend at the outlets. We found some great bargains at The Children's Place, most of the clothes we bought for Boston were $1-2! We bought 17 things for $50. And I found some great deals for me at Lee and Aeropostale. A sweater was $60, on sale for $6! The most I spent on one item was $10. It was awesome. I'm set for a little while now...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crafty Thursday

Well, it's probably time for me to go to bed, but I was so excited about the binky ribbons I made today. (Sorry, Christie, I totally stole your design, but the ribbon was so cute...)I didn't do the math when I was buying the snaps, I will have to go buy more snaps for the rest of the ribbon.He's so excited, can't you tell?
The three little ones wait patiently, as their mother's craft (ha, ha)...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Boston

I took some photos of Boston today and I think they turned out pretty cute. I'm debating getting "professional" pictures of him, because I have all the equipment to do a decent job, should I still take him in somewhere?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day

Okay, so I will feel a little more caught up after this posting. Christmas was great. Boston was happy and cute. He loved opening the presents. He would peel a little of the paper off, and we would help him with the rest. We woke up around 7:30, and opened our presents here at home. Then we went up to my mom's house to exchange gifts with my family and for brunch. It was snowing pretty bad, I was glad we still had our Audi that has AWD. Then we headed back for home, we got things cleaned up just a bit, then Zariph's parents, grandma, and Teliece came over to exchange gifts. Zariph always has a surprise for me, so I wasn't surprised to only open a few gifts in the morning. He likes to pretend like that's all, and then somehow get me to find the rest...So, he casually invites everyone downstairs. Hmmm, for what? Well, he reached in the cedar chest and it had more presents! He wanted me to think they were all for Boston, which I kind of believed him because now he has two people to spoil. The first gift was for Boston, then the rest were for me. Although, he kept saying, "I think this one is for Boston..." Anyway, it was a great Christmas. I felt a little bad because Zariph didn't have a lot to open on Christmas becasue we bought him skis and all the equipment to go with that, which he's using already. But it was fun. Then when his parents were leaving, there was one more gift upstairs that magically appeared, so I opened it. It was a paper that had a picture of a new stove and oven on it, with "Merry Christmas" written across the top. I was so excited, I've been wanting a new oven for a long time! To top it off, it's top of the line - Electrolux.

It's awesome! It has touch screen buttons across the front, 5 burners with two or the burners adjustable sizes, it's flat top. And the shelves slide in and out so easily. I love it. It came in last Monday and Zariph installed it and it's up and running. We used to have a wall oven (I think it was new when the house was built in 1972!), which we took out. So installing the new oven involved cutting countertops and cabinets and moving some things around. We installed a little pantry with sliding shelves were the old oven used to be.

I cook all the time now. Zariph is quite the handy man.

Christmas in Colorado

Yeah, I'm finally posting about Christmas. The weekend before Christmas we went down to Colorado for a Christmas party at Misty's and for Destiny's baptism. We left Thursday after Zariph got off work. Friday we just hung out and went shopping. We decorated cookies Friday evening. Saturday, Zariph, Miranda, and Roy all went skiing. It was Miranda's first time snowboarding. Boston got sick from something and ended up throwing up everything he ate all day Saturday. It was a little scary for me, but he was not acting sick. Even when I was changing him out of his thrown up clothes, he was laughing. Zariph's parents and Teliece came down on Saturday. Saturday night was our Christmas party. Misty made a big turkey with all the sides, she really went all out. Roy let out that there was someone coming at 8:15, but Misty quickly stopped him from saying anything else. So, the joke the whole evening was trying to figure out who was coming at 8:15. Misty said that we would want to be thirsty...We had a fun party, we read from Luke chapter 2, then we played the candy bar game, they bought Boston "Puffs" instead of candy, that was thoughtful of them. Then the girls sang a few Christmas songs for us, and we exchanged presents. It was nearing 8:15 and we were all getting curious and asking a lot of questions. She said it was something we've never done before, at least together. I thought maybe Santa was coming, but he came to our party a few years ago. I thought maybe it was a hay ride and we were drinking hot chocolate. We also thought maybe it was some sort of drinking contest. Zariph's mom thought Frosty was coming, and then he'd melt and we had to drink him all up...Anyway, around 8:20 we looked outside and saw a Hummer limo! They rented a limo for us all to ride around and look at Christmas lights together. I couldn't believe it, I was not expecting that at all. It was awesome! We were all really excited. The thirsty part was that the drinks in the limo were included, so she wanted us to drink all that we could. It was a neat experience. I was nervouse that Boston would throw up while we were out, or cry too much because he was hungry, but he really did okay. He cried a bit, but slept most of the time. We rode around for two hours and looked at some neat light displays. There was one house that had their own radio station and the lights were synchronized to go with the music. It was a memorable night. Then Sunday we went to church, and afterwards was Destiny's baptism. She asked Zariph to baptize her. After that baptism Misty had an open house at her house, we ate quickly and packed up the car to come back home. We left about 6 p.m. I thought it was going to be an awful drive through the mountains and with it being dark and we would be tired. But surprisingly, the drive was fast and I wasn't too tired. Zairph drove the whole way, Boston and Miranda slept in the back the whole way, and we didn't even stop. It really was a pretty good drive.