Monday, October 15, 2012

Disney World

On the airplane, about to take off!  This is Jonas' first flight, and he did great!  There was a lot of turbulence when we were about to land in Florida, enough to really scare me.

The Yak and Yedi Restaurant at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

At the Sci-Fi Diner in Hollywood Studios, they showed old films and commercials on a big screen, like we were at a drive in, in the 50s.  It was different, but pretty cool.

By the fountains outside Figment at Epcot

China in Epcot

Playlinda Beach, there were tons of seashells and we could see Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral

This was at TRex Restaurant at Downtown Disney

We got the Chocolate Extinction, complete with dry ice fog

Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom

Blizzard Beach

We saw two mini concerts at Epcot - Boyz II Men and Smash Mouth!

How did we get to be such Star Wars fans?  Love the ride, and love the store.

Outside the Tiki Room at Magic Kingdom

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zariph's Project

Zariph has started working on the first room in our unfinished basement.  We decided to start in the cold storage.  Over the Fourth of July "weekend", we tiled the floor.  Then this past week Zariph's been working on the shelves.  This is about half of the shelves in the whole room.  Then we are going to spray the shelves, ceiling and walls white to finish it off.  I can't wait to get organizing!  They are turning out great!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Yard is In!

Blogging has really been put on the backburner for me. Here's a little recap of the past 10 months since I last posted. We moved in to our new house, we had a baby, Zariph works from home now, and I get to stay home and take care of my two boys. Life is great! The main reason for this post is to share about our "finished" yard, but I will post one Easter photo of the boys.
Ok, that was more than one, but they are sure cute, aren't they?
Now for our yard:
Zariph did the pavers around the firepit and he built the benches. It turned out very nice. Everything else we hired out.
We may plant a few trees this year, but everything else will probably wait until next year.