Sunday, June 6, 2010


Zariph and I celebrated our TENTH Anniversary last Thursday! I woke up early and made him french toast with strawberries for breakfast, while we watched this lovely video that I made which shows pictures from our ten years of married life.

I also bought him another wedding band, because he lost his other one in Las Vegas last August.

Zariph took me out to dinner that night. We went to The Roof at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building which overlooks the Salt Lake Temple (where we were married) and it is where Zariph proposed 10 1/2 years ago! There were ten red roses waiting on our table for me - how special.

Dinner was so good! The restaurant is a really nice buffet. Everything was delicious! I really overate, just check out my dessert plate. I couldn't decide, they all looked so good (and they were)!
The view from our table:


Rachael said...

Yay!!! Congrats guy, on ten years! You're so... cute together.

The food looks pretty good too.

NEWS said...

I'm proud of you.