Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Night of Michael Buble!

Wow, I've slacked off on the blog, I know... Anyway, I was lucky enough to attend the Michael Buble concert with my sisters and mom, when he came to SLC about two weeks ago. We met up after work and ate dinner at Wingers.

Then we drove down to the E Center in not much time at all. But the traffic getting off of the freeway was horrible! It took us about 45 minutes to get from the freeway exit to where we finally gave up and ended up parking in a little strip mall just down the street. It was pouring rain and we walked about a mile to the E Center. And I didn't know it, but apperently my shoe had a little hole in the bottom of the sole and was leaking water up into my sock everytime I stepped. It was so cold! So, I enjoyed the concert with one sock off and one sock on, lol. The man himself...It was a great concert!
A little excited...

Our matching shirts...

Here's a little sample from the night. It's amazing how his voice can always be perfect!