Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Decorations

I've been meaning to post these pics, but was a little busy organizing all the Florida vacation photos and working on the video, that I'm just getting around to it now. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween decorations:
My front door...I bought this little holder probably 5 years ago after Halloween when it was clearenced at JoAnn's, but never did anything with it until this year.
My cute pumpkins...Thanks to Rachael for the idea and supplies, I just accessorized them.

A little wax Jack-o-Lantern...I don't think it will last many years, Boston likes to throw it and I noticed a little crack in it. It's lit up with the battery opperated tea lights - love those things.


Rachael said...

I love your decorations, especially the door. The wax pumpkin one you could probably run a lighter over is (back and forth) really fast to seal the crack.

Mindy said...

Halloween decorations are the best!! Very cute...