Monday, June 8, 2009

Rainy Day

I really enjoyed the rainy day yesterday. It was nice to just stay inside and spend some time scrapbooking. Zariph played with Boston for a few hours, while I scrapbooked. When I got out my pictures to see what was next, I realized I was pretty much exactly a year behind. I thought I was getting caught up, but time is going faster than I'm scrapbooking it. So...this week it's my goal to scrapbook at least a two page layout everyday on average (minus the journaling). I will post photos so you can all enjoy the pages too. Here's yesterday's page:
I covered chipboard with paper for the title. The chipboard I got really cheap from the expo and wasn't sure if I was going to use it. It took a while to do the title. Once I replaced my xacto knife blade, it went a little faster. Does anyone know a good adhesive to stick the paper onto the chipboard? I just used my adhesive runner, but it doesn't get in all the corners. I was wondering if the spray adhesive would work. Anyone try it?
I also used some glittery flowers that I got in a little pack from the expo. I love glitter, and this piece was already put together and ready to go. So, no mess for me.
I still need to journal on it, but other than that it's done.


Rachael said...

The layout looks really cute. The only thing I know of that will get everything stick and not make a huge mess in the process is the Xyron. Other wise I think what you did was the easiest and least messy.

You could always ask Zariph for the Xyron for Christmas!!! ;)

Rachael said...

...Is earwax sticky?

Just Kidding!

Mindy said...

I personally love the Xyron.
You will catch up, especially if you tell all of us that you'll be doing two a day, then we'll be waiting, and you'll have to do it! :) That's why I do it.. I have somebodies to be accountable to!