Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello, New Friend!

Well, we quickly found a newer car that was an awesome deal, so we had to jump on it. We just sold our Audi on Monday and after "sharing" one car for a few days, we were ready to look for another car. So Thursday evening, after I went to the gym, I picked up Zariph from work. We dropped off some things at his parents house, went to dinner at Fazoli's, then called to look at a few cars. We only got a hold of one place that happened to be very close to our house. They were advertising for a Kia Rio, which we weren't totally extatic about, but it was cheap, so I wanted to at least look at it. I'm glad that we looked. It was a small car lot and he had a bunch of other cars, all at great prices. This Pontiac Grand Prix caught our eye. The interior was nicer than all the others we've looked at. It has leather interior, heated seats, a lot of nice little extras. It's similar to our Audi, but less miles, 2 years newer (it's a 2004) and we still ended up saving about $1500 from selling our Audi.So, Thursday night we went home, researched about it, thought about it, prayed about it, and slept on the idea. We knew we'd have to act fast, because it was priced so low, and the guy had only bought it about a week before from an auction, he had only had it listed for like two days. And we knew people would look at it over this weekend. So, Friday morning, Zariph called him from work and made an offer. They worked out the price and we were going to go pay for it after Zariph got off work at 3:30. In the meantime, there were two other people that wanted to come look at it. The guy called Zariph and told him if we can go get the cashier's check, then he'll tell everyone that it's already sold. So, I went down to the bank, got the cashier's check and called up the dealer. He said we could still wait and come at 3:30 like we planned and that he'd mark it as sold.
So, we're now the proud owners of a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix!


Mindy said...

WOW! That is a pretty car.. sounds very nice!

Rachael said...
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Rachael said...

That almost looks like a hot rod!! This is going to take me some getting used to. Seeing you in something resembling a sports car.

Hello... Sexy Mama!!!

Wanna race???

I'll bet I could totally whop your butt!!! ;)

Rachael said...

Oh... so whatcha ganna name her? Something that sleek and sexy needs a name!

Julie said...

Glad you found something so quick. Looks like a nice car.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved those cars! Enjoy