Thursday, April 2, 2009


This week I decided to set up a new scrapbooking space for me...
Boston is not napping as long now, and it's been hard to get anything done while he is awake. He always wants to be right by me. Even sometimes when we're in the same room together he just wants to be held. But, at least I can scrapbook a little at a time while he is playing. I can't scrapbook where all my stuff is because that is also the computer room. Boston loves buttons and cords, so he is quickly attracted to everything I don't want him to touch. So this works out good. Hopefully now I can get some pages completed.
Here is a video I took of Boston this morning. He has pulled himself up before, but I think he gets scared of falling, so he's a little more cautious.


Rachael said...


Rachael said...

One more room can't hurt! You can never have enough scrapbook space. Maybe you should ask Zariph if he would convert the backyard into a scrapbook wharehouse for you! ;)