Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boston's First Easter

For Easter Weekend we visited Misty (Zariph's sister) in Colorado. Boston was so good in the car. We hooked up our portable DVD player to see if he would like that. During some parts of the movies he would laugh, so I guess he enjoyed it. I tried to teach Boston "peek-a-boo", and he's starting to get it.

At dinner on Saturday night Boston looked right at Roy and did peek a boo perfectly (covering his eyes and pulling his hands away quickly). That made the whole table laugh. We had a fun time in Colorado just hanging out, coloring easter eggs, and spending time together. Although, I was hoping the weather would be nicer than it was. Zariph made up an egg hunt with clues that the girls had to decipher and bought fun little prizes for them. The girls were so excited that I would jump on the trampoline with them. ( I needed some excersize from eating out all weekend.) We went shopping on Saturday and Zariph saw these blocks that he thought would be really fun for Boston. He loved to tear down what Zariph and Destiny made.Sunday morning Saphire and Destiny looked for the 80 eggs the Easter Bunny hid. I'm not sure if they found them all. They were hid in some weird places.

Boston loved what the Easter Bunny left for him. Hmmm, didn't he play with those blocks the night before?

This is Boston in his "Easter outfit". It was a little cold for shorts, but he didn't wear them all day. The shorts kept falling off of him when he'd stand up anyway. Both the onesie and shorts are 18 months, so they'll fit him this summer.

After church on Sunday, we went to one of Roy's relative's house for lunch. From there we headed out on the road back home

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Rachael said...

That's way funny! I would never think to hide Easter eggs there. The picture with Zariph and Boston is so cute.