Sunday, May 15, 2011

The house TODAY!

The outside is almost complete - just rain gutters and light fixtures need to be installed.

The porch to the side of our front door.

The view from Boston's room (looking out the front of our house)

The nursery looking into our bedroom

Front door and office - I love the color of that front door!
The loft - open to entry on the side Zariph and Boston are looking on, and open to the great room on the other side.

Linen closet in an upstairs bathroom

The walk-in linen closet in the other side of the upstairs bathroom.

Boston's bedroom

The playroom
The closed in part of the loft
The great room/entry/stairs

The hot tub room - we tiled the wall 3/4 up, to hopefully help with peeling paint and the steam. It looks really good under the plastic, I'll take another picture later.

My side of the closet, you can't see it all in the picture, though.

This is Zariph's project for the past two weeks - our master walk-in shower. It's almost ready to tile! The great room My craft room - could I be any more excited!

Happy boy in our mud room

The garage door in the back of our garage.

The back of our house. The side of our house (this side faces the south and is on a road - we're on a corner lot)


Joseph and Kamber said...

What's the square feet? Could you post a floor plan? I'm lovin it so far.

Rachael said...

It looks so cool! At first I thought you didn't post a picture with the craft-room and I was like "Wha" so I had to go back and make sure.

The house look so nice. I want to know the square feet as well. Can't believe I didn't ask you before.

Six-Pack Momma said...

That is so exciting! I am really happy for you guys! It is beautiful. I'd love to come see it when you are moved in.

Mindy said...

Gorgeous Lisa!!! I love the colors.. it will be so awesome for your family. We will miss you around here for sure though!

Melanie said...

Hey! I like your blog. Your house is beautiful! Man, I can't wait to have a bigger, nicer house someday. We like ours, but it's just a tiny rental built in the 1940s.