Sunday, December 13, 2009

Melting Pot and the (Lights)?

So, as tradition would have it, we set off for our annual Melting Pot and Temple Square Lights adventure last night. Zariph and Boston picked me up from the mall (since I had to work yesterday afternoon). We did some shopping then set off for Salt Lake. We left with plenty of time, because last year we missed out on the lights because traffic downtown was HORRIBLE and we couldn't find a parking spot anywhere. Well, who would've thought the freeway was CLOSED and all four lanes had to exit on either 215 or Beck Street. It took us a good two hours to get to Salt Lake from Layton. Needless to say, we missed out on the lights again. (Although, we were just there two weeks ago, so it wasn't a big deal to me.) Luckily, the people at the Melting Pot were nice and weren't upset about us missing our reservation by an hour. Here are some photos of our fun night. Jake and Hannah
Julie and Eliza
Boston is ready to eat!
This is the best picture of the three of us. Sad, I think we took about seven...
This is one of my favorites. Look how happy he is eating chocolate.
Megan, Jacqueline, Cameron, and Mike
Emily and my mom
You can't see it that well, but both of his cheeks are completly stuffed!
Walking through the Galivan Center on our way to the car. At least we did see some lights, and watching the ice skaters was fun.
And can I just say, I am SO glad we decided to buy a heavy duty snow thrower this year. We've been without one for about four years and finally decided it was time to get one last Wednesday before the stores were all out. Zariph used it twice yesterday and once today, but is totally excited about using it again tonight. ha ha. I may be out of that duty for a while.


Rachael said...

Looks so fun, and so... yummy! Talk about some fun company as well. :) Jesse and I missed our annual trip this last September to The Melting Pot. Don't know when well get another chance.

Jesse's getting a pay-out check from some of his stocks probably tomorrow. I asked Jesse if we could use it on a snow blower, he didn't say no, so I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

So jealous of your Snow Blower and the Melting Pot! Happy Holidays