Thursday, August 13, 2009

Babysitting Fun

Earlier this week, I was able to watch Eliza and Hannah. I tried to have something fun planned for both days, so we wouldn't be bored just staying at home. Our schedule turned out to be pretty packed, but it was fun. First, we played dress up until it was hot enough to go to the Splash Pad.
Then we went to the Splash Pad. It was still a little cold, but it was nice because there was only one other person there when we first got there.
Boston loved having the whole place pretty much to himself.

Then we played on the toys by the Splash Pad.
They had lots of fun toys, different types than the ones just by my house.

Eliza made a friend.
Hannah wanted me to take her picture with everything she did.
After the splash pad, we went back home for lunch and let Boston take his nap, while we played Barbies. That's something I haven't done in many years, I remember that being more fun playing as a kid, rather than playing as an adult.

Then we went to the park by house.
I think Hannah ate some goldfish. Boston is a little possesive of his goldfish.
What a cutie! We brought a blanket and sat in the shade, while Eliza and Hannah played on the toys.

Then Tuesday, we started off playing Barbies. Boston was acting kind of crabby, so we let him nap while the girls watched High School Musical and I got in a little workout on my eliptical. After Boston woke up, we had lunch then filled up the pool in my backyard for a little swim.

While swimming my mom and Mike stopped by on their way home from their vacation to Colorado. Mike sprayed down a couple hornet's nests (that makes me shiver just thinking about it). Then my mom took Hannah home with her, but Eliza wanted to stay because I had talked about feeding the ducks earlier. So, went driving to find some ducks. I thought there might be ducks in the pond by the hospital, so we stopped there first...
No ducks, but pretty scenery.
It was a nice little area to walk around. I was pretty sure there were ducks at the Layton Park, so we started that way. We were kind of hot from walking around by the hospital, so it sounded good to stop for some ice cream on the way. Well, by the time we picked up the ice cream and got to the park, a lot of the ice cream melted. When I removed the top part it all came down and made a big sticky mess. Luckily we were outside so it wasn't messy anywhere I had to clean up.

This was Boston's first time feeding the ducks. He loved it. He would throw a couple pieces to the ducks, then he's take a piece for himself.

Then we played on the toys at the Layton Park.
We had such a fun time!

3 kids

2 days of fun

1 tired aunt


Rachael said...

Hey you have to be the coolest Aunt out there. Planning all that fun stuff for the girls to do. Julie's going to be begging you to take her girls more often now.

I really wish you had taken a picture of you playing barbies. That would have been so cute. ;)

Can Kimmyy and I come over next week to play babies? Just kidding!!

Jeff and Melissa said...

Boston is so cute! He's going to be quite the lady's man!