Friday, May 29, 2009

Splash Pad Fun

I was so excited to go to the splash pad. We went once last year, but Boston was only a couple of months old, so he didn't really get to enjoy it. This time, he was excited at first, then was kind of iffy about it, then the last two times we got into the water, he REALLY LOVED it! I'm sure he will be way excited when we get to go back. Next time I will have to remember to have someone else put sunblock on my back, because I didn't get it good enough by myself and am now dealing with the pain of my foolishness - I hate being sunburned.


Rachael said...

I thought about asking you to spray my back. Then I remembered I had a spray can so I thought I was ok. Next time I'll just ask, cause then you'll rmemeber two.

Rachael said...

Picture theif ;)