Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Costumes are Ready!

Yeah, I'm so excited that our Halloween costumes are finally ready. I've been thinking about them for a long time. It's a big event, Boston's first Halloween. And we're going to be in Disneyland, so I had to make it good. Boston is Peter Pan, I am Tinkerbell, and Zariph is Captain Hook. My mom helped A LOT with getting these costumes ready. She totally made Boston's costume - isn't he cute? And helped alter mine so it was modest. I was glad to find a shirt that matched the costume perfectly that I could wear under it. It's a Downeast Basics shirt from Seagull, by the way that is a FUN store! I bought a couple of skirts there also.Also, last Wednesday was my grandma's birthday. Boston and I went to visit her, along with my mom, Eliza, Hannah, and my Aunt Eula and Uncle Larry. I made this little family chipboard project for her. I was so glad to have something on hand that was pretty easy to put together - that's one good thing about going to the Scrapbook Expo and buying everything! It was a fun afternoon and it was good to visit with family.


Rachael said...

OH... your costumes turned out way cute. You didn't tell me you went to Downeast! I love there clothes. That's where both of my new skirts and shirts are from. The family chip board letter turned out cute. I have been debating on whether I should make them and give them to someone as a gift as well. Oh so when you come over thursday you have to bring a cd of your family pictures. I want to see how they turned out.

min said...

So cute! Hope you guys have lots of fun!