Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We've Been Chosen

Zariph and I were approved for adoption through LDS Family Services in September 2006. Our agent called me a week ago last Monday and wanted us to come to the agency that evening. So, after getting there we went back into her office and she said she had something for us. She turned around and picked up this cute red tote full of boys' baby clothes, a baseball mit and glove, a little stuffed animal, and letters to us. This was the first time that we'd even heard that this birthmom was looking at us, so I was in major disbelief. I started reading the letters, and I just kept wondering if it was really happening. But by the end of the letter I asked the caseworker, so she picked us? And she said, Yep. So, we read the background about the birthmom and birthfather to find out more about this "gift" that we would be receiving. Our baby boy, Bostyn, is so lucky to have birthparents that love him so much. After meeting with his birthmom and grandma last Saturday, I am so touched by the love they have for him and I feel like we're all family. These have been a couple of the happiest weeks lately, as I'm preparing for a new baby. I'm just so excited and very happy. I'm so glad this is happening now. I've been able to teach school for four years (5th grade for three years and 3rd grade for one year). And it's close enough to the end of the school year, that once he's born I can take off from school and just go back on the last day of school. I've always wanted to be able to stay home with my kids and I'm glad I'm going to be able to do that.

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